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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is news the live from our lead a disturbing discovery in southern california police find thirteen siblings held captive in a suburban home in chains they have charged the parents with torture we will go live to los angeles for more on. also coming up pope francis on a difficult visit in chile the pontiff faces a week in catholic church they are bleeding followers after
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a playbook sex abuse scandals involving priests and swaying the skeptics the social democratic party leader is on a mission to win over grassroots members the idea of a grand coalition with angela merkel's conservatives and months of political uncertainty. plus the music world mourns the loss of dolores o'riordan the lead singer of the cranberries who has died suddenly at age forty six. is reading your party worried about negative stuff it's all. her anguished voice pushed the irish band to icon status during the one nine hundred ninety s. we will talk about the life and the dark sides of her life and music. welcome to the program thanks for joining us. we begin with
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a horror story from california where police say that they have freed thirteen siblings who were allegedly imprisoned by their parents police say that they were alerted by in a may see that seventeen year old girl who managed to escape when officers entered the home in the city of paris they found some of her sisters and brothers shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks the victims range in age from two years old to twenty nine the parents have been jailed on charges of torture and child endangerment one neighbor saw police leading the family out of the house after they were freed and she described the scene to local media have a listen they were all in pj's because it was early in the morning. they were very very pale skinned like almost like they've never seen the sun but i've seen a couple older one city all and it was mostly girls and then kind of small framed kind of tiny almost looked
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a little mound nutrition and for more let's bring in valentino martinelli who is a freelance journalist based in los angeles following the story for us valentino thank you so much for joining us so we know what sort of care the children are receiving at the moment. full first of all of the sheriff the part of man that made no further information available beyond the news release but schedule area news conference for today at ten in the morning so that's where we will have a little bit more news that understanding of what happened inside their horror how the sirens go on certain the thirteen week make them or claim to be starving they were fat and meaty to local hospital child protective services and adult protective services have been also assisting in the investigation investigators also have asked that anyone with information on the case contacts them and a lot of people you know turning to google in the meantime to try and gather some
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information about this family apparently there are pictures posted to social media back in two thousand and sixteen that appear to show a happy family celebrating their parents renewing their marriage vows do we have a sense of what's happened since then. well the parents first of all were and able to immediately provide a logical reason why there were children who were with strain in that matter that's what the sheriff officials have said in the news release. there is no really understanding the neighbors rarely see the kids when they were seen the kids it was for some ran the moment when they were going in the car some of them didn't even know the kids were existing and yet the family. as mentawai that david had inter been and now lu is an interpreter and that have both been arrested and now they are in jail with a bail set at nine million each posted several picture as you mention of
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a happy family also take in trips to disneyland illustrate this do we know how long the family has been living in this particular house. couple moved to california in two thousand and nine and previously in another house then to declare bankruptcy a move to this house in two thousand and eleven they previously also in california public records also show that the couple all the house so and that this same address was listed as a school a private school name sounds some capsule based school a school for kids k. twelve campus and david turpin was listed as principal. valentino martinelli freelance journalist based in los angeles with the latest on this case and as you mentioned we are standing by waiting for a press conference a little bit later today hopefully there after we will have more details thank you valentino. and. well pope francis has arrived in chile for what
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promises to be a difficult visit the pontiff received a warm welcome from tulane president michelle bachelet and thousands of supporters in the streets of santiago but francis has come under fire from two lanes outraged over a priest sex abuse scandal that controversy in the catholic church's position on social issues have pushed many to lanes to abandon their faith. she lay in peace had to yank this protester down from an overhand road sign. elsewhere a crowd of activists full gay and transgender rights also demonstrators. this is the pope's twenty second overseas trip but it's here on his native continent that he's met the most hostility yet. at just thirty six percent trust in the catholic church in chile is the lowest in lesson america. and it's not
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a lot of us have been catholics we were part of the church however we feel we but let down by the roman curia in the sense that it is an abusive discriminate tree and intolerant church and. much of the resentment stems from the so-called kind of abuse case for more than a decade local church leaders ignored complaints against the highly influential financial cut a deal a priest accused of molesting children it was only when the victims went public to the vatican investigate the affair and in two thousand and eleven was found guilty . while pope francis has made clear his zero tolerance for abuse his appointment of one of her demons proteges one barrels as the bishop of also known in southern chile has reopened old wounds. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that about making news around the world at least nine construction workers have been killed when half of an unfinished bridge collapsed in central colombia the deck in
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a supporting tower tumbled nearly three hundred meters into a canyon the bridge was part of a major new highway due to open in march an investigation into the cause has begun . libya's coast guard has rescued around four hundred migrants stranded in several locations off of its coast in the mediterranean sea they had placed distress calls after claiming to experience engine trouble libya is one of the key routes for middle eastern and african migrants trying to enter europe illegally. palestinian leaders have voted to call for this is spent in a recognition of israel the palestinian central council says that it will no longer hear two existing agreements with israel including the oslo peace accords the meeting came in response to u.s. president donald trump's recognition of two saw him as israel's capital. in germany social democratic party leader martin scholtz is looking to win over the party's grass roots to the idea of another grand coalition with chancellor angela merkel's
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conservatives the rank and file must grant their approval to enter talks around forming a new government at a party summit on sunday but schultz faces a hard sell with skeptics saying that it betrays social democratic values so he has travelled to the party's heartland in an effort to win their support. welcome to daughter historically a stand of the social democrats but many have lost the appetite for a grand coalition saying the party's losing sight of its aims. of these on the path of social justice is over and i can see that it's now more about careers and clinging on to seats. while this diner. as the daily denmark's in shorts is telling the exploratory talks is a success but it's not easy to convince party members to support a new coalition especially here in north rhine-westphalia. we've clarified many things there were lots of questions as our members really welcomed the discussion
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and i think there was a lot of reflection. and i think. that many still think the s.p.d. is making too many concessions even after the talks the party seems split off as the issues of citizens insurance work contracts reform and raising the top income tax rate is all missing from the current blueprint these are key s.p.v. issues so i don't know if members will be convinced. yet. many say it's important to take on the responsibility of government but others say the conservative bloc will damage the s.p.d. in government it's a right now we need to weigh up the options and that's a serious and difficult process the party's national representatives will decide on sunday whether to open formal coalition talks north rhine-westphalia will contribute to more than a quarter of the vote. and for more we have joining us now in the studio chairwoman of the young socialist within the as p.t.
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party in berlin welcome to you good morning good morning how do you feel about a repeat of the broad coalition i am totally against the repeat of the grand coalition also all the young socialists investors are democratic parties are totally against the we fear that the future of our party is at stake but not only that the. germany can take four more years of grand coalition of a coalition that isn't progressive but just keeps the status quo is it fair to say that there is a disconnect right now between the party's leadership and the party's members and what does that mean for the head of your party martin. that's what i'm feeling right now actually yes that there's a big disconnect and i really don't understand why the leaders of the social democratic party supports these results so much i understand that they have negotiated very hard was a c.d.u. but looking at those results there there's no social democratic hand-writing and if my kids wants to connect himself and his faith in the party it was these results in
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south christian off coalition are not maybe in this case he's not the right one for is there for leading the party at the moment because we don't fear new elections and we also don't fear changing majorities in the polymer and i think i'm in a minority coalition can also be an option would be very good for a democracy and we need people who are up for that and we need people who really fight for the social democratic values ok so we're talking here about the good of your party right just generally speaking i want to talk about the good of the country right now though because you know if we look at the international context what leaders for example are to turn to the leader of france a manual. in the e.u. commission brussels many other players in the world but they really want to stable german government what would you say to them that we want is social europe we want a social germany we want strong workers' rights for example we want a penny in politics in germany that is good for the people here because many people
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fear to be poor when they're when they're getting older also we want the end of the austerity politics and if we look at what is happening now is a grand coalition we can see that so this government is also not going to be good for our european partners so i would call at our european partners to trust us and also. to fight together for strong and socially europe and for coalition options and governments which support these ideas and i don't see that the c.d.u. is doing any of that looking at their refugee politics looking at what they're doing was it was tara to politics to greece for example and i think that we can support that and tech can't take that any longer and i thank you so much this morning for coming on the program to share your views on the closer the chair one of the chairwoman of the young socialist within the s.p.d. party here in berlin we appreciate it. you're watching news still to come on the program a voice that will linger on believe singer of the cranberries has died suddenly at
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the age of forty six and we will look back at her life and her kind. but in the meantime monica jones is here with us now and we're heading to detroit exactly to the motor show sarah and a lot of people worried because twenty seventeen was a difficult year for car dealers in the u.s. with dwindling sales especially when handling of german brands the scandal still weight and consumer sentiment donna trump attack on german com makers in particular accusing them of unfair trading practices didn't help either but you won't find doom and gloom to the north american international auto show in detroit quite the contrary as the phenomena reports. the automobile industry is all about salesmanship some people want to buy the feeling of independence and getting away from it all of us want speed technical innovation or simply an affordable ride in detroit germany's comic has demonstrated optimism that they can
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cater to any perceivable need and are clearly back on the road to success. this is a huge market seventeen million cars were sold in two thousand and seventeen and we are quite proud that we could increase our market share in two thousand and seventeen the germans got some unexpected headwinds from washington president donald trump accused them of exporting too many cars to the u.s. and threatens to punish them with tariffs but a concerted information culture offensive seems to have had some success recently as the attacks from the white house abated i think people in washington have been. more and more that we are not only selling cars here but that we are also producing lots of cars in the united states one of the best examples for this is beyond. company explicitly criticized by trump for being too successful the company has defended itself by pointing out that its biggest car plant worldwide is actually in
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the u.s. and that b.m.w. is securing tens of thousands of american jobs not only in its own facilities but also at its suppliers internally we call the u.s. our second home some problems of german automakers in the u.s. were of their own doing the image of german engineering took a hit when ford spark and cheated on diesel emissions tests after it paid billions in fines and wholeheartedly apologized he was bio seem to be giving v.w. a second chance to fact bargain was one of the few car companies to report higher sales last year. so it's a wonderful time to restore this brand to its old glory over a time the optimism is also high quality and innovation will prevail says one of the company's leading engineers if you look at the altar industry these days it's always the germans who make the next big step forward an assessment confirmed by
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strong sales figures by professional service from one of america's leading auto fan magazines. respect for german german engineering and german car manufacturing hasn't really do windle i think maybe the volkswagen brand took more of a hit then than the german auto industry in general in terms of people's perception i mean people are still buying porsches people still buy and b.m.w. and mercedes benz is and they still think they're great cars and with the economy booming unemployment low and donald trump's recent tax reform handing money to corporations and high end customers alike german comic us are expecting another year of growing profits in the u.s. . well if the euro and u.s. dollar exchange rate plays ball because the euro is steadied it's ready against the greenback trading at one u.s. dollar. fourteen today and that's after reaching a three year high on monday when it was going for one us dollar twenty two ninety
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seven now the euro has gained almost eighteen percent against the greenback since january twenty seven thousand analysts say that the european central bank's plans to end its bond buying program are behind the currency strengths the euro is expected to remain strong in the near term so what does that mean and what's driving the currency let's find out and cross over to dad who is keeping an eye for us on the financial action in frankfurt hello daniel what exactly is driving the euro. why they're wanted to what i guess there are two main factors behind this very strong your that we are seeing at the moment on the one hand we're having a very good economy here happening right now in the euro zone on the other hand and it's really been giving investors quite a headache in the last time is that there is speculation that we are already seeing maybe a change of the monetary policy off the e.c.b.
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happening this year remember that during the financial crisis since then we have interest rates here at a level of zero percent and also that the e.c.b. is buying every man's billions of a government bond investor think that this could change because a paper was released from the latest e.c.b. meeting and when you read this paper very carefully you can think that maybe already starting with fall this year this borne purchasing program off the e.c. be a court a stop so yeah that's the main reason and yeah it's going to be very interesting if this is really going to happen at the end ok well if it's if it's going to happen i mean i then know that there's always two sides to every story consumers i'm sure will love a strong euro but in terms of that solid euro is it actually a good thing or about. well certainly for investors is not a good thing i mean today it looks a little bit different i guess you can see it as shares here are at the moment are
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but in the last days they were really falling because usually what happens when we have a strong euro this is harming the export business because of this shares dropping totally different scenario when you talk for example of what the oil price in the oil prices being traded in u.s. dollars we don't see the immediate effect happening at the gas station so yeah two sides of the story some people are happy some are not at the moment at all morning ok well i guess that is life in frankfurt thank you so much for this. talking about happy people turkish airlines has reclaimed the top stop over competitors. and to end the ritz it carried more passengers in twenty seventeen than those of us according to newly released numbers sixty nine million passengers flew turkish last year that's a bump of nine percent from the year before tons of fareed sixty six million while emirates counted fifty nine million is an impressive rebound for turkish after fees
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competition from low cost airlines and the tens political situation in turkey i've heard the carrier in recent years. but time to go down and forwards talking about tennis here amounting to clarify we're going to be caught up now on some of the results from the opening round of the year's first tennis grand slam as you might have gathered it is of course the australian open germany's alexander has progressed to the next stage beating italian thomas fabiano in straight sets novak djokovic meanwhile is also into the next round but made far greater headlines before his match on tuesday as he called for merrill professional players to form a union and demand greater prize money at a.t.p. tournament and grand slams. meantime in the women's signals maria sharapova beat german tatyana maria two years on from failing a drug test at the grand slam in melbourne. well now you might think that
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a country needs a lot of snow or ice to breed winter olympic champions ahead of next month's games in south korea but in the case of britain they have become powerhouses and women skeleton bob despite lacking is supposedly crucial ingredient to success have a look. this is as close to ice as british pop slain skeleton athletes get in their own country great britain doesn't have a single ice track so the pros have to make do with this dry push start track but it hasn't stopped them from winning medals great britain has won gold in skeleton at each of the last two olympics and hopes are high that they can add another to the collection in pyongyang much of that depends on the performance of reigning olympic skeleton champion lizzy yarnold she says team spirit builds up at the training center at both university is key to their success. pursue skeleton teams and is please come and train with each other and encourage each other and it just
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it is time for him came down he held croft is one of the people behind british skeleton's results as head of performance he's helped write the country's surprise success story. we have a kind of sign inside the program of achieving a possible i think he set a vision and set it well in transparency and have a quite the board you. see the same thing the same opportunity but you can cheat a lot winning olympic medals despite the lack of a nice track has been an extraordinary achievement and next month team great britain will be hoping to race to go again. on a somber note now musicians and fans have been paying tribute to dolores o'riordan the lead singer of the irish rock band the cranberries she died suddenly on monday in london at the age of forty six over it was born in ireland county limerick and joins the primaries in ninety three powerful voice an irish accent gave the band. a distinctive sound it debuted. its debut album sold millions of copies and made the
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cranberries international music stars their second album sold even better and included this hit single. to talk a little bit more now about dolores overton's life and her work we are joined by culture reporter mark preston are so mark tell us a little bit more about her music's importance not only in ireland where she was from but also the world well what you're looking for in any great rock singer whether it's lou reed or kate bush is a distinct vocal style and the written in spades she had a kind of aching vulnerability which you could hear in this hit single lightning but she could focus that energy for her other worldwide hit which we just heard zombie. you only had to hit
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a few seconds of it on the radio and you would know immediately that that was the crown breeds and that was really the signature trademark because it was the gave her a really distinctive quality friends picked up on. album albums sold millions worldwide seventeen million kind of energy that's restraint you can break through absolutely she really connected with people i especially want to talk about the people in her hometown of limerick they actually commented on hearing of her passing we want to hear what they had to say and then get your reaction after shocked and saddened to hear the news someone so young and i remember from the the early days starting out memory susie when she was very naive and shy would need to face the crowds oh my god just of. all my thoughts she was so like to know if and this is a quote for limerick she's from body broken. and my brother my fatter who would
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listen to her music i knew she wanted time but she's an inspiration as well because we're all doing performing arts in us and to people from they were actually. very says. well she and her music will be missed by so many that is so incredibly apparent especially from what we have just heard there tell us it means she apparently far her own personal demons still throughout her life i mean this huge pressure on any rock star rock band touring incessantly across the states she did exhaustion plays a part but she had a troubled past she talked openly about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child she was involved in an air rage incident have anorexia she had a bundle of of problems which she struggled to overcome. her last post on social media sort of has left some by think we've got this clip that we can show of. she this was on january the third posting a picture of herself holding
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a cat with the caption bye bye cheer we're off to od and she'd been in canada recently visiting her children a very poignant last message that from her ok marcus but are telling us a little bit more about the law as written which as we mentioned she has died suddenly at the age of forty six and with that you are up to date here at the w. news from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour but we will leave you now in the meantime with one of the cranberries biggest hits linger thanks for watching.
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